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Professional HVAC Servicing at Reasonable Costs 

We specialize in commercial HVAC services for homeowners and business owners in Brisbane. A HVAC system is used globally in commercial places

for keeping the temperature steady indoors. However, regulating temperature in commercial places such as corporate offices, schools, hospitals, retail stores, etc requires a HVAC system that is always working right. Just as much, the HVAC system is complex machinery. Therefore, you’d want to hire a company that has years of experience in repairing, installation, and maintaining HVAC systems for commercial properties in Brisbane. This way the air indoors remains clean, your employees are comfortable and your customers happy with proper air circulation and temperature. 

Cleaning And Maintenance Of Your HVAC System

Our team at Air Con Cleaner Brisbane will service your HVAC system with great care. We will clean

and inspect your rooftop units, furnaces, air conditioners, refrigerant, water heaters, air handlers, chillers, pumps, humidifiers, and indoor air quality systems as preventive maintenance. Preventive maintenance

tasks include inspections of machinery, cleaning of the internal parts, lubrication, etc. We will replace parts that have worn off and provide minor repair along with maintenance. Maintaining the HVAC systems also

protects the people in the building from bad health due to poor indoor air quality. Routine maintenance will lower your utility costs and decrease equipment-replacement costs, in addition to keeping the indoor

air quality in check.

When You Need Commercial HVAC System Services

If it essential that you routinely check your HVAC system if you don’t want to get code violations. If you feel that the ventilation, and temperature control of the HVAC system is not working right, give us a

call right away. This is because we have fixed enough HVAC systems to determine the cause of your HVAC’s issues right away. Moreover, you can trust us to work on your HVAC system as soon a possible and fix it right


HVAC System Repair

If there are issues with the returning air of the HVAC system In spite of previous repairs, then the ventilation is compromised. Nonetheless, We will make sure the filters are working right and motors are circulating the air right. For an HVAC system that cools the indoor, exhaust outlets are essential. Exhaust outlets that are not working will be tuned or replaced for proper cooling. We will fix leaks for your ducts and make sure the air is not escaping. The fans in your HVAC system can also make you stuffy inside the building. We will check the

fan and fix any issues it might have.

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As part of the outdoor unit, it is the duty of the compressor to transform the coolant from gas to liquid and give it to the coils. We

will check your compressor if anything is not working quite correctly. A number of device failures are also triggered by this. We can also

replace or repair blowers if they are not working right. We provide a free estimate for all our commercial HVAC services in Brisbane. Give us a

call today for assistance.