Air Conditioner Maintenance In Brisbane

Your air conditioner needs to undergo regular maintenance in order for it working properly. Likewise, the components of your
air conditioning system will only function the way they should if they are taken care of from time to time.

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Just like your vehicle, maintenance is key to ensuring a long lasting, fully functioning air conditioner system. Otherwise, you will have to deal with unusual noises, intermittent cooling, water leakages, and other recurrent issues coming from your air con. Many people choose to ignore these telltale signs until they become much bigger issues and therefore a much bigger expense.

Our clients in Brisbane know that air conditioner maintenance is important, and they know that we are the right team for the job.

Maintaining The Filter Of Your Air Conditioner

Your air con filters are what prevents the dust and dirt from getting mixed with the air indoors. It can in many ways be considered the first line of defense against unclean air, which is why filters tend to get dirty the most. However, if your air con filters are left uncleaned, dirt and dust eventually bypass these filters and clog your AC’s evaporator coils. As a result, the coils don’t absorb heat as effectively as they do and your air con works on overdrive to channel cool air indoors. Once we’re in the picture, our team will perform a thorough cleanup on your air filters and replace existing filters if needed.

Maintenance Of Air Conditioner Coils

 If you haven’t carried out maintenance works for your air conditioner(s) in a long time, chances are you have dirty evaporator coils. These evaporator coils have been collecting dirt for the last few months or years since they were last checked on. This buildup of dirt reduces their capability to absorb heat effectively, hence leading to inadequate cooling indoors. Even worse, the coils’ inability to absorb heat properly causes condensation to take place on them. The water then turns into ice, the coils freeze and your air con breaks down in due course. Unlike cleaning your filters, cleaning evaporator coils isn’t as easy and straightforward. If you reach out to us ahead of time, our team will be able to salvage your air conditioner’s evaporating coils with the use of certified cleaning solutions.  

Maintenance Of The Air Conditioner Fins

The fins on your air conditioner basically pushes warm air away from the unit itself to keep it running efficiently. However, these fins are usually very delicate and tend to bend easily. And if they are bent or clogged with dirt, they end up restricting the airflow throughout your air conditioning system. Subsequently, your air cons loses its efficiency and works harder to produce cool air. This leaves you in a lose-lose situation — an air con that isn’t doing its job and a high electricity bill. Worry not, our team is experienced in cleaning and replacing evaporator fins and condenser fins for all types of air conditioning systems.

Maintaining The Filter Of Your Air Conditioner

The filters are what prevents the dust and dirt from getting mixed in the indoor air. It can in many ways be considered the first line of defense against unclean air. That is why filters tend to get dirty the most. The fine mesh in the filter will trap dirt and get a bracket. In the blockage is bad enough, the airflow will decrease and make the air conditioner work harder to cool the indoors. Also, when your filters are dirty the evaporator coils get dirty as well. They will have a reduced capacity of absorbing temperature when dirty. When you hire professionals for maintenance, they replace or clean your filters in the air conditioning unit. For commercial places, the filters have located the ducts of the air conditioner. Cleaning such filters requires professional intervention to be done right.

Maintenance Of Air Conditioner Coils

The evaporator coil accumulates dirt over time. If you haven’t cleaned your air conditioners in a long time and the evaporator coils haven’t been touched, you might have dirty evaporator coils. Since the evaporator coils work by absorbing heat, if the dirt is accumulated on the coil, it will not function properly. It will not absorb heat as effectively as it should. The only Profesional who know how to provide overall maintenance will know how to clean condenser coils. A proper cleaning solution needs to be used to remove all the first from the condenser coils and the surrounding areas.

Maintenance Of The Air Conditioner Fins

The fins on your air conditioner are there to direct the airflow and provide cooler air. Since these fins are made up of aluminum, they bend and get deformed while cleaning. If the aluminum fins are bent, they will not help in proper airflow. This can cause condensation and ice to form on the air conditioning unit. You might also notice improper cooling and high electricity bills when you have the AC fins not working properly.

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Owners of air conditioning systems assume that their air cons are well maintained as long as its filters are kept clean. Not only is this untrue, but not taking necessary measures to maintain your AC is going to cost you a lot in the long term. When you hire Air Con Cleaner for air conditioner maintenance in Brisbane, cleaning your air conditioner is just part of the job. Our licensed technicians will check on all important aspects of your air conditioning system. This includes the correct amount of refrigerant needed, possible leakages, measurement of airflow, and the performance of all electrical terminal and components in your AC. We promise you high quality maintenance services at affordable prices.  Give us a call for a Free Estimate of our services.


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