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Cleaning your air conditioning system is one of the most important

things. If your air conditioning system is not routinely cleaned, it is

more likely to get damaged. The fans, filter, and other components tend

to accumulate dust and dirt with time. This dirt can make your AC work

harder to cool the air. You will notice a high electric bill if you

don’t invest in cleaning your Air conditioning system.

Air Conditioners in your houses are one of the biggest electric

components. It probably uses the highest amount of energy. If you need

to keep the air conditioner working with efficiency, using less

electricity, and not break down frequently, you should invest in


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Air Conditioner Cleaning

No matter the kind of air conditioning system you have such as a single unit or double unit, our technicians can clean it both.

They have the tools and safety equipment to clean the outdoor unit and the indoor unit with efficiency and ensuring that all contaminants are removed safely. In Brisbane mould removal is vital part or air conditioner cleaning. Our workers will be cleaning your air conditioner

thoroughly. We will take their time to clean each of the components that get dirty and have a build up of mould and mildew. We do our work making sure we keep your home or workplace clean in the

process. We will clean any mess done and do the cleaning with


Air Conditioner Maintenance

Regular maintenance can make your air conditioner last a

long time and perform well. It will regulate the temperature of your

house better and circulate healthier air when you maintain it. Cleaning

various parts of the air conditioner is one of the most essential parts

of maintenance. Checking the cooling and heating components, filters,

coils, evaporator, condenser, drain, are only some of the parts that

will need looking into when you hire professionals for maintenance of

your air conditioner. We understand in your busy schedule it is not

possible taking care of your air conditioner on your own.

That is why our workers provide quality maintenance at affordable prices.

Air Conditioner Servicing

Air conditioners are not invincible machines. They do break down, get

damaged, and stop working from time to time. If your air conditioning

system is not working and you need quick and effective service or

repair, you can rely on us. Our electricians can repair all kinds of air

conditioning issues with your air conditioner. If your air conditioner

is not cooling your house or business location like it should, if it is

dripping water, if it is making unusual noises, or some other issue, let

us know. We will send an air conditioning repair team that will check

and repair your air conditioner on the same day.

Air Conditioner Installation

Are you looking for a company that can install a new AC for your

house or commercial property? Our team can install all kinds of air

conditioners. We will make electric lines for your air conditioning

system if you don’t already have it. Some of the brands of air

conditioners we install are Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Kelvinator, Panasonic,

Daikin, Pioneer. When you need quick and effective installation without

much fuss, you have got us. Our electricians have years of experience in

installation. They have installed thousands of air conditioners for

houses and companies in Brisbane, they know how to do it right.