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Servicing Your Air Conditioner Avoids Problems

If you are tired of your AC system failing at the worst of times, we understand your frustration. With heatwaves being a norm for us, it’s no wonder why a broken AC can wreak havoc on anybody’s day particularly.

Especially if that machine is powering a whole store, office building, or home. Fortunately, we work with different types of AC systems over the years. Today, we provide air conditioner servicing in Brisbane for

all major makes and models of virtually any form of AC system in your home, office, or commercial space.

Why Your AC Isn’t As Cooling As Before

If your air conditioning is not working, there can be a number of reasons. Dust and debris may have clogged your filters, slowing down airflow as a result. The cold air will not circulate anywhere in your house, hence causing the evaporator coil to freeze and further limiting the flow of air. When you have disposable air filters, replace them at least once every 3 months. More often than not if someone at home is suffering from allergies or other breathing issues. 

Yes, We Can Service Your Air Conditioner

Inside your AC unit, there are several other cables and terminals that can wear out over time and may need replacement. There is always a risk of them becoming loose or detached from other wires in the system.

For instance, the circuit breaker can trip easily without routine AC maintenance. In essence, we will clean and service your air conditioning system thoroughly.

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