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Whether it is your home or workplace, we spend most of our time indoors. We breathe in the air available indoors and if the ventilation is not good, you will literally breathe in the same air you have expelled out.
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You expect your home to be a comfortable haven—and when it’s not, it’s time to investigate. If your retreat leaves you feeling unwell, you’ll be affected by negative indoor air quality. The experts at AirCon Cleaner are right here to help! WE provide indoor air quality services to leave your breathing less complicated and feeling better.
We are more than simply a HVAC repair company. We provide total domestic comfort solutions. And with regards to the comfort of your home, few things are more vital than the air. We offer a whole-home air purification setup in addition to repair and maintenance services.

Your air quality in your home can negatively affect your fitness, well-being, and state of mind. In addition, The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) clarifies that air quality may be 6-10 times worse and surprisingly more contaminated than the air outside, even in large cities.

AirCon Cleaner Quality Service does duct cleaning, mold, and asbestos
abatement, and plenty more to preserve your indoor air pure. We’re known for
our ultra-modern technical device and our thoroughness – we constantly follow
up a day or after a job.

At Air Con Cleaner we will collect samples from all the places in your house, and send them to labs to check the quality of the air. The government-affiliated labs will check the concentration of the various gasses and allergens in the air and send us the result on the same day. Once you have known what are the issues with your air, we can work towards making changes to improve the air quality.

A large presence of allergens such as mold and chemical or biological pollutants can cause health issues with the people living indoors. In workplaces or public places, poor air quality can lead you to have building violations. Our team has helped thousands of commercial clients to remove their violations. We will check the building and see what is causing the poor air quality of your workplace. We will check the HVAC system, the filters, the ducts, fans, any gas leakages, and air circulation units to make sure they are working in their full capacity to keep the air indoors well ventilated.

It takes proper research to hire an indoor air quality specialist. The long-term return on this investment will, however, greatly outweigh the cost. In order to identify minor issues in your house, the contractor will diagnose the building and measure the indoor air, even things you may not have been aware of or considered until they become a big IAQ issue.

Improved environmental conditions can also enhance efficiency and comfort. We are an insured and licensed company for checking and fixing the indoor air quality. We have more than 20 years of experience in the area and proper certification by local authorities. To create a baseline for your house, it is important to develop an appropriate sampling strategy and to use the proper sampling equipment. Holding this knowledge about your home or workplace will make it simpler and more reliable to recognize changes in the indoor environment in the future.

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We work with our residential & business clients to provide cost-effective, healthy, indoor environmental solutions. Our crew is licensed and committed to creating the fitness and well-being of our customers as our #1 priority so that you can rest knowing that the air you’re breathing is secure and free from dangerous contaminants. As we do not offer remediation offerings or promote products/systems designed to purify your air, our customers can be sure that we’re 100% centered on supplying answers, not sales pitches! 


Our professionally trained consultants have furnished answers to all styles of air quality conditioners.
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