Air Conditioning Repair Guide in Brisbane – Problems, Cost, FAQ’s & Tips

Today, you’ll learn everything you would like to understand about air conditioning repairs. But before we get into the subject of air conditioning repairs, let’s take a moment to to thank mosquitoes for the invention of the air-con! Nobody loves them within the 21st century, however back in the 19th, those guys were a real nightmare. A local doctor and creator Dr. John Gorrie were attempting to eradicate them from the swamps, and while he was at it, he got this revolutionary plan in 1841. He realized the idea was virtually within the air, therefore cooling the air may fix it!

While being outside during the summer is wonderful, we might argue that the simplest enjoyment of summer is when you head back to that pleasant, cool air-conditioned room. However, much of that period involves regular maintenance, annual inspections and tune-ups, and getting air conditioning repairs from professional air-con maintenance people if you need them. But if you’re not familiar with your cooling system or air conditioning repairs, then you certainly have tons of questions on maintenance, common issues, and air conditioning troubleshooting. That’s why we at Brisbane have put together this handy guide about air conditioning repairs, problems and maintenance.

General questions on Air Conditioner Repairs

Q: Do I repair or replace my AC?

The age of your air conditioning is a crucial consideration when answering the question, do I repair or replace my system? If you’re considering the repair route, then you’ll want to match repair costs to the worth of a replacement air conditioning. Nonetheless, if your AC is broken, a licensed air-con technician will assess and allow you to know your options.

Q: What if my AC won’t turn on?

There are dozens of things that would affect your AC’s performance. Some issues are often avoided by following a couple of simple maintenance tips. Other problems are more serious and will only be handled by a licensed heating and cooling technicians. Read more to know them.

Q: How do I select the proper size of central AC for my home?

The dimensions of your new AC are critical to your home comfort. If the AC is just too small for the square footage of your home, it’ll struggle to stay cool on hot days. If the AC is just too large for your home, it’ll cycle and off, wasting energy. It’ll also not effectively dehumidify your home, making it feel warmer and fewer comfortable.

What can be the problems with my Air-con?

1. Filter: One of the standard reasons air conditioners don’t work properly may be a clogged or dirty filter. Dirty filters not only reduce the flow of air but also can cause the AC unit to freeze.

2. Thermostat: Another easy fix is to make sure your thermostat (which controls the temperature setting in your home) is turned on, inside is clean, its level is not being suffered from sunlight, and it’s on the right setting. If problems persist, there could also be another issue. You must contact your air-con maintenance services.

  1. Refrigerant Leaks: When the coolant starts leaking within the air conditioning, the unit won’t perform correctly, and therefore the temperature will fluctuate. The situation of the leak will affect the value of the repair so having this examined yearly by a trained AC technician is suggested.
  2. Capacitors: Without capacitors, the motors that power the compressor and fans won’t work. The capacitor provides a series of jolts to stay the motor working. The AC unit won’t run efficiently if either burns out.
  3. Compressor: The compressor applies energy to the refrigerant and propels it through the coils to hold out heat exchange. If the compressor isn’t working, the AC unit won’t cool your house

Air Conditioning Cleaning in Brisbane

Aircon repairers will charge you based on a couple of factors, including where you reside, the quantity of time your job takes, and what replacement parts are required.
Aircon cleaning costs in Brisbane can be charged by the hour – so expect to be charged anywhere from $70 – $120 per hour + GST for domestic air con and $70 – $150 per hour + GST for commercial units.

These figures may vary locally and will only be taken as a guide, so the simplest way of checking out the value of your job is to urge quotes.

How Much Does Air Conditioning Repair Services Cost In Brisbane?

Split System Internal Unit – $159
Split System Internal and External Unit – $189
2nd Unit Internal Only – $139
2nd Unit Internal and External – $169

Ducted (up to 6 outlets) Internal Only – $299
Ducted (up to 6 outlets) Internal and External Unit – $399
Ducted (up to 7-12 outlets) Internal Only – $349
Ducted (up to 7-12 outlets) Internal and External – $449

Repair & Maintenance Safety Tips

  1. Schedule an AC tune-up—Tune-ups early within the season help prevent breakdowns and AC repair in Brisbane.
  2. When your air-con is being serviced, make certain to disconnect power sources.
  3. Change your air filters regularly. If you ever need assistance or a recommendation on the right filter for your system, be happy to consult AirCon or visit our website!
  4. As a home-owner, you’re sure to have questions about your AC unit. Once you do, it’s important to believe your manufacturer’s manual and follow all safety procedures that are outlined. It’s important to pay attention!
  5. Be in tune together with your AC and notice any changes or strange noises it’d be making. Noticing funny sounds or smells early will help keep off problems.

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